Asli Ozyurek - News

See for the NGC talks also the Nijmegen Gesture Centre events.


News in 2013

2013, 17 June: Prof. Dr. Martha W. Alibali (Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) will give a talk at 15:30 h.

2013, 16 May: Prof. Dr. Eve Clark (Department of Linguistics, Stanford University, USA) will give a talk at 10:00 h.

2013, 8-12 April: Prof. Dr. Gabriella Vigliocco and Dr. Pamela Perniss (Psychology Department, Language and Cognition Laboratory, University College London) will be visiting PI group Gesture and Sign and the MPI.
Prof. Dr. Gabriella Vigliocco will give a talk on April 9th at 10:30 h.


News in 2012

2012, 20 June: Reyhan Furman will defend her thesis 'Caused Motion Events in Turkish: Verbal and Gestural Representation in Adults and Children' on June 20 at 13:30 h, in the Radboud University aula.

2012, 16 April-end of June: Prof. Susan Goldin-Meadow will visit the lab as part of her sabbatical.

2012, February: Asli Ozyurek received a Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship for studying Demonstration Design with Emanuela Campisi as her training fellow.

2012, February: Emanuela Campisi awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship. She will start the new project about comparison of Child- and Adult-directed communication in Italian and Dutch speakers in September 2012.

2012, March: The Workshop Multimodality and Language Learning was organised in Nijmegen, June 2012. more >


News in 2011

2011, 8-13 December: Prof. Marianne Gullberg will be here, together with Dr. Maria Graziano and Sandra Debreslioska.

2011, 13-24 June: Dr. Spencer Kelly will be visiting the GSL lab.

2011, 23 May: Prof. Karen Emmorey from the Laboratory for Language & Cognitive Neuroscience, San Diego State University will give a talk at 1pm.

2011, 16 May: Emanuela Campisi is coming back at May 16 for a 6-8 month postdoc.

2011, 28 April: Paul Vogt from Tilburg University gives a talk called "Correlations between frequencies of multimodal gesture use and infants' vocabulary development in Mozambique."


News in 2010

2010, 16-18 November: Dr. Henning Holle will be visiting our group in November and give a NGC talk on Tuesday the 16th at 3pm.

2010, 11-15 October: Dr. Chloe Marshall, Senior lecturer in developmental psychology / language acquisition, City University London, will be visiting NGC. She will give a NGC lecture at 12 October 2010.

2010, 6-8 October: Prof. Marianne Gullberg from Lund University Sweden will be here to teach in the same course.

2010, October: Dr. Chu, a previous student and a current postdoc of Sotaro Kita and Antje Meyer, is going to join Peter Hagoort's group to work on speech and gesture production in the VR lab - also possibly combined with imaging from October 2010 onwards.

2010, 29 September-1 October: Mandana Seyfeddinipur from SOAS London will be teaching in MA course in Gesture and Sign.

2010, July: Asli Ozyurek (MPI and RU Nijmegen) has been appointed Professor of Gesture, Language and Cognition at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Ozyurek was appointed on September 1 and her inauguration will take place in Nijmegen, 26 May 2011 at 3:45pm. more >

2010, July: Dr. Spencer Kelly and dr. Judith Holler are visiting NGC the first two weeks of July 2010.

2010, July: Dr. Pamela Perniss came back from DCAL, London, in July 2010-July 2011 to hold a 1,5 year Postdoc on the VIDI project comparing space and discourse structures in German and Turkish Sign Languages.

2010, April/May: Prof. Rachel Mayberry (UCSD) is visiting GSL lab/MPI in April/May 2010.

2010, February: Dr. Kersie Cormier is going to visit GSL lab in the last week of February 2010.

2010: Beyza Sumer started her PhD on Sign Language Acquisition.

2010: Reyhan Furman is visiting here long term with a Huygens fellowship to work on speech-gesture devleopment of caused motion to finish her PhD here.

2010: Dr. Judith Holler started her Marie Curie postdoc fellowship at the MPI focusing on "The effect of social cues influencing gesture and speech comprehension". Judith will also coordinate the NGC with Asli Ozyurek for the next 2 years.

2010: Idil Kokal, a graduate student of prof. Keyser from University of Groningen, is also hired part time to work on the imaging aspect together with dr. Judith Holler.

2010: Asli Ozyurek received an ERC grant (1,2 million) for studying modality (sign versus spoken) effects on learning to express spatial relations. more >